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An always-available pastor

Can having two books as pastor meet the critical needs of church members and the world? 
Turning to God in prayer, I have experienced divine direction numerous times in my life and have always been blessed by following obediently.

A lesson in true humility

True humility comes as we get any sense of self-importance completely out of the way.
No one should feel afraid or self-conscious about sharing a testimony.
For Kids

Love chases away the storm

It was a dark and stormy night.
Testimony of Healing
Almost twenty years ago, at a time when I’d been away from branch church membership for several years, I prepared to leave for work one Friday morning.
Testimony of Healing
For several years a lovely podiatrist helped me care for my feet, clipping my nails and generally cleaning up some rough skin.
Testimony of Healing

Injuries from a fall healed

I was in my apartment when I heard the sound of a siren as an ambulance drove by.
Testimony of Healing

Protection in river rapids

Many years ago my husband and I decided to take a river trip.
Testimony of Healing
One day a couple of summers ago, my foot began to swell and become painful.

Trust in You, God

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It’s through quietly and receptively listening to God’s Word today that we hear the truth we need to hear today.
Bible Lens

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