Dog’s epilepsy healed

When our beloved dog, Toby, began having seizures, I tried to keep him out of sight of our two young sons, as the picture was very disturbing, even to me. The seizures would last for several minutes, and then he would regain consciousness and go on about his business. 

One day when I took Toby to the veterinarian for his rabies shot, as required by law, I described the seizures and asked the vet if he thought they could be caused by lawn treatments; I had occasionally noticed the dog eating grass, and I wondered if he was ingesting some poison that was causing the problems. The vet told me that our dog had epilepsy and that this was common in dogs of Toby’s breed and age. He said, “There is nothing you can do for him except keep him warm until the seizure passes.”

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'Give unto the Lord the glory ...'
August 13, 2018

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