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[Donald Carey, “Glimpse eternal Life and find freedom from grief,” Sentinel, July 16, 2018]
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The goodness that is God is unique because it is lasting.
Just as a ray of sunlight cannot be separated from its source, we continue to shine—forever at one with God, our source. 
My heart reached out to God as never before.
We cannot lose any good when we put our full trust in God.
The vitality of God’s love inspires our efforts to help others.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

I didn’t buy that app

Anything that seems bad about us, or wrong with us, is really just a distorted view. That’s what this teenager learned, thanks to a little help from an app on his phone … and a spiritual insight.
TeenConnect: Trending
Instead of feeling excited to move forward with her life, this graduate kept wishing for the past and everything she’d left behind. How could she embrace change? A spiritual insight helped shift her perspective.
Testimony of Healing

Abdominal pain gone

Several years ago I faced recurring bouts of abdominal pain over a period of about nine months.
Testimony of Healing

No pain or breakage after a fall

A number of years ago, a friend said to me, “Your favorite synonym for God is Spirit, isn’t it?
Testimony of Healing

Dog’s epilepsy healed

When our beloved dog, Toby, began having seizures, I tried to keep him out of sight of our two young sons, as the picture was very disturbing, even to me.
Image and Inspiration

'Give unto the Lord the glory ...'

Prophecy is about showing how eternal Truth, divine Love, is true in the here and now.
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