Rotation in office

Dear Members and Friends,

When Skip Phinney told us of his desire to step down from serving on the Christian Science Board of Directors at the end of December, we were tempted to try to talk him out of it. But when he reminded us that he first came to serve the Church in 1960, we realized our only legitimate response was to express profound gratitude for the many ways his service has strengthened The Mother Church and the Cause of Christian Science. And while it almost seems easier to list the few offices he has not held than to come up with all those he has, we know you will want to join us in specifically thanking Skip for his selfless service as Manager of Committees on Publication, Clerk of The Mother Church, Special Lecturer, Editor of The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, President of the Board of Education, President of The Mother Church, Teacher of the 2015 Normal Class, and member of the Board of Directors. 

What will you give?
December 24, 2018

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