Broken nose healed

I am so grateful for a healing that occurred this past summer. I was working in my garden, using an old garden cart. As I leaned over to dump a forty-pound bag of compost into the cart, the weight caused the handle of the cart to come up suddenly, hitting me in the nose so hard that I heard the bones shatter. The pain was intense, and I screamed and fell to my knees. The words that came out in my scream were “Help me!”—I was talking to God. My thoughts were temporarily turned away from the pain, but then were tossed back and forth between frightening predictions of permanent damage and comforting assurances of God’s love for me. It was like a mental tennis match. 

My husband heard the loud crash and came rushing over to me. He brought me paper towels to help stanch the bleeding and helped me inside and to a chair. He texted a Christian Science practitioner who has helped us many times through prayer as taught in Christian Science, and her immediate response brought tremendous comfort. As my husband and I tended to my physical needs, we listened to that week’s Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly on the subject “God.” As I became calmer, the fearful suggestions diminished, and I drank in the good ideas shared by the practitioner, my husband, and articles we found on The mental tennis match was winding down, and soon all the thoughts that came to me were peaceful ones. I felt loved by God.

Testimony of Healing
Condition on leg healed
December 10, 2018

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