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During a sleepless night thinking about a dear relative, my thought fastened on <a class="tome-reference" href="https&#x3A;&#x2F;&#x2F;login.
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
All people actually dwell in the realm of Spirit, where no one can be shut out or deprived of any good.
I would reply, “Don’t be overwhelmed for me.” This was a fun quip, but it has a deeper, spiritual meaning. 
If you’re yearning to pray for leaders worldwide, says this author, you can start by praying to better understand that leaders—and all citizens—are created spiritually by a completely good creator. And “this spiritual view guides us to see that the true nature of all government is upheld by the benevolent government of God.”

Can ants destroy a home?

Big black carpenter ants were on the walls in one corner of our dining room.
How I Found Christian Science
Back in the spring of 2001, I was interested in buying a fixer-upper in a historic neighborhood in a midwestern city.
For Teens

Finding my way

I came to know God as my traveling companion, my best friend, and my reliable guide.
Testimony of Healing

Broken nose healed

I am so grateful for a healing that occurred this past summer.
Testimony of Healing

Condition on leg healed

I grew up in Nigeria, and from a child I felt a close relationship to God.
Testimony of Healing
Jesus said, “With God all things are possible”.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago I began experiencing a lot of trouble walking and speaking normally, and there were other painful symptoms.
Image and Inspiration

'That Truth gives promise of a dawn ...'

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More meaning for Christmas

The truest spirit of Christmas makes us aware of the dawning of an infinite Love.
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