Better parenting

The overwhelming majority of parents want to do what’s best for their children. To me, good parents need to exemplify the character and behavior they’d like to see in their children and grandchildren. The great news for me has been learning that it’s natural to express good because, as the Bible brings out, it’s inherent in everyone’s true nature as the offspring of God.

Rather than depending on chance, guesswork, or human will, I’ve come to feel that better parenting is the outcome of understanding something of the actual nature of God and man. The Bible refers to God as Spirit, limitless good, and says that man is the likeness of God. Seen in this light, neither parents nor children are truly products of the flesh. Rather, the authentic identity of each individual is the outcome of Spirit—expressing the fullness of the divine nature. A growing perception of this enables us to overcome, through prayer, perceived limitations of heredity, environment, or detrimental social conditions that could get in the way of supportive parenting.

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October 22, 2018

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