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From the readers

[Aaron Dyer, “Healed of chronic headaches, sleep apnea, and panic attacks,” Sentinel, September 17, 2018]
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Instead of questioning God’s love, maybe it was time for me to gain a deeper understanding of this love.

Trust: A must!

My trust in God had become very real—it was a feeling of being tenderly cared for.
There were no tears; instead, strength and courage permeated our every thought.
Few things break a girl’s heart as much as losing her father.

Better parenting

The overwhelming majority of parents want to do what’s best for their children.
For Teens

No more mean girls

The ugly habits of gossip and criticism had begun to fade.
Testimony of Healing
One day my daughter-in-law called and asked me to pray because my grandson had a headache and was in great discomfort.
Testimony of Healing
About nine years ago my mother passed on.
Testimony of Healing

Freedom after a fall

One day in late October I suddenly lost consciousness, and when I came to, found myself facedown on the floor.

On the rock


Channels of thought

Refuse to map out mortal mind.

Aging—really? No!

Overcoming aging issues of any name or nature comes with spiritual awakening and unselfish living.
Bible Lens

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