Healing of injury from a fall

One midsummer Sunday afternoon, while gathering the supplies needed to wash our car, I hurried down our basement steps, slipped halfway down, and kind of crash-landed. In pain and feeling stunned, I had two immediate thoughts: “Here’s my opportunity to prove my growing conviction that my uninterrupted selfhood is wholly spiritual,” and, “That which is called physical law is actually constituted of theories that ultimately must yield to divine, metaphysical facts.”

I also remembered learning about this magazine’s founder, Mary Baker Eddy, and her life-changing healing after a fall on an icy sidewalk. The serious internal injuries were healed as she read a Bible account of one of Jesus’ healings, and as the result of her well-established confidence in God’s healing power. 

Testimony of Healing
Embraced in God’s love; severe pain disappears
October 8, 2018

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