There is a spiritual awakening going on

A doctor once told me a story that meant a great deal to him in a conversation we had about healing and prayer. He said that he had been treating a woman for cancer for over a decade. One day, she came into his office and asked to stop all treatment. After talking it over with her, he released her and encouraged her to go and celebrate all the joys in her life. Two years later, she came back—totally clear of the cancer—realizing that she was healed when she stopped identifying herself with the disease. The good doctor recognized the healing brought on by this mental shift in thought and commented thoughtfully that there is so much more we need to learn about healing. 

I’ve appreciated this brief encounter with the doctor for its feeling of respectful camaraderie and for finding common ground in our interests to understand more about healing. I’ve also become aware that there are a number of people asking about and exploring the mental and even the spiritual nature of healing disease. There seems to be an awakening in thought when it comes to understanding healing—and it’s a shift from a material basis to a spiritual basis. It’s a shift I have felt in my own thought. 

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