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From the readers

I just finished reading the August 14, 2017, Sentinel, and what an inspiring issue it is.
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We can begin by acknowledging what is right—what is good and true.

Love’s persistence

I prayed to know that God was actually the only Mind governing our family.
Acknowledging God as the unlimited source of all good can result in a win-win for everyone.
With democracy under siege around the globe, this author asks—and answers—this pressing question: “What is required to defend against the invasion of evil and to secure lasting freedom?”
For Kids

Prayer stopped the fighting

My three brothers and I were stuck.
Testimony of Healing

International travel fears overcome

The moment I found out I might be able to attend my Christian Science association meeting again.
Testimony of Healing
I would like to share a quick healing of a fever and stomach cramps, which I experienced a couple of months ago, and which meant so much to me.
Testimony of Healing

Injuries healed after a fall

While shoveling snow one winter morning a couple of years ago, I slipped on our icy front steps and landed very hard on my back.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer overcomes heart problem

A few years ago, I felt something was very wrong with my heart.

On wildflowers

It is the influence of divine Love on the human mind that heals.
Bible Lens

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