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From the readers

[“The meditation of my heart,” William E.
On the web: This JSH-Online.
We can seek in Christ “a more sure word of prophecy.”

The powerful place of prayer

Our mental closet of prayer represents infinity filled with light. 
Healing in the same way Jesus healed involves an understanding of divine Truth. 
I have been thinking about dedication recently, and two incidents in my own experience came to mind.
I realized how wrong it would be to go through life without acknowledging the healings I had experienced through reliance on Christian Science. 
How I Found Christian Science
When I was a college student in South Africa, I spent time exploring world religions, and for a while I regularly attended a Hindu temple.
I have one long tooth in front that is getting loose and is probably going to fall out soon.
Testimony of Healing
I would like to express gratitude for a healing I had last year.
Testimony of Healing
I was invited to perform, with three other professional musicians, a challenging 20th-century chamber music work—“Quartet for the End of Time” by Olivier Messiaen—which I had performed on several occasions over the span of a career.
Testimony of Healing

Sight issue healed

A few years ago, I woke up one morning and out of nowhere my vision was severely compromised.
Image and Inspiration

'A radiant sunset ...'

Sunset at Bradenton Beach, Florida
'To Bless All Mankind'

A lesson on UN peacekeeping—from Haiti

United Nations peacekeeping forces in Haiti are on track to be withdrawn soon, a result of progress in reducing violence on the Caribbean island.
'To Bless All Mankind'
The approach that is changing lives in Haiti.
Guest Editorial
This law of Truth, the Christ Science, is applicable everywhere, by everyone, irrespective of the culture or society in which one lives.
Bible Lens

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