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[TeenConnect, “Turn off the noise,” Mark Catlin, April 11, 2017, JSH-Online.
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast
Pregame preparation that includes listening to God is the best kind of preparation.
God is our Rock. He will restore our joy. 
We were all lined up for a celebration review for the new military post commander.
Christian Science teaches the value of listening for good, selfless thoughts that come from God.
It is always our responsibility to choose good over evil, regardless of our circumstances.
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
I’d like to share a couple of turning points in my life.
I quickly shut out the thought of “What’s gonna happen if I can’t perform?”
TeenConnect: Your Healings

A God-directed role

Who wouldn’t want the leading role in a play? Not this actor, who felt he wasn’t up to the part. But as he prayed, his feelings about the show changed from being all about fear to being all about love.
Testimony of Healing

Broken finger healed quickly

My mother was a dedicated Christian Scientist.
Testimony of Healing

God’s constant protection

Growing up in Christian Science, I always knew that God answers our prayers.
Testimony of Healing
Having a great love for children, I pursued a career in education and spent 12 years as a substitute teacher in public schools.


We can peacefully let go, nestle within Spirit’s Word, in Love’s embraceassured by the divine Comforterhumbly listeningsoaking in every divine thought given us moment by moment,thanking God, good, for His supreme power and all-presenceever with us, dispelling fear and danger—reminding us of the sacred truth of our spiritual beingsustaining us safely through the scenes of human need.

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I am not a caged birdtrapped in matter’s rigidity.
“Not for nothing is the youth culture characterized by sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll,” a venerable British magazine famously pronounced during my formative years.
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