Safe at recess

I didn’t like the game that the boys in my class were playing at recess, because they tried to catch us girls and “lock us up.” But I didn’t know the right words to tell them to stop, because we had just moved to the French-speaking part of Switzerland and I didn’t speak French yet. I used to try to protect my sister from these boys as they chased us. I was scared and I told the teacher at recess.

Mommy was praying with my sister and me about it. (You can read her testimony on page 14.) Prayer means asking God to help, and thanking God for helping. Prayer means that you’re listening to God. God is your friend. We prayed together by knowing what was true about the boys in my class because of the way God made them. For example, they are God’s perfect children and they are God’s reflection, so they had to be good and loving since God is good and loving. We asked God to help us see this about the boys. 

Testimony of Healing
No more playground bullying
June 12, 2017

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