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From the readers

We would love to hear about the experiences that have made you grow in your understanding and practice of Christian Science—experiences in which the truth became clearer and the pathway ahead felt more certain.

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Do we today—as did those original disciples—hear the call of the Christ, “Follow me”? Are we listening to this call?
It’s an awareness of God’s loving presence that can heal all troubles.

Universal physicians

Jesus showed that we all have the capacity and capability to heal and be healed.
Loving God supremely means placing no trust in anything other than the one God. 

New Manager of Committees on Publication

Dear Church family,
I tried to keep my thoughts on Love and not be distracted by anything else.
Testimony of Healing

Unsightly growths gone

I’m extremely grateful for the many ways in which I’ve seen the power of God heal, protect, and nourish me.
Testimony of Healing
I love to sing.
Testimony of Healing

Arm healed after a fall

Last spring for several weeks I had been doing some deep study in the weekly Bible Lesson, found in the Christian Science Quarterly, and I felt truly inspired by what I was learning.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of painful ribs

My wife introduced me to Christian Science.

All are welcome

However modestly we may express it, we can always share what we know in our hearts to be true. 
Bible Lens

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