Am I ready?

Those three simple words often precede unsettling questions. Am I ready for a special talk or presentation, for example. Or am I ready for a visit with unfriendly relatives, or being cross-questioned as a witness, or needing to help someone I see is in trouble. The difficulty may not lie so much with particular circumstances as with the fact that the question is narrowly focused on a personal sense of self. So, not surprisingly, the question “Am I ready?” is all too often answered, “Probably not!” 

When the date for teaching my first Christian Science Primary class was set for July many years ago, I felt very far from ready. I felt I hadn’t had enough time to prepare. I’d been working full time each day at The Mother Church and at the same time was also writing a Christian Science lecture for delivery in the fall. I began class with only about the first three lessons in hand. And rapidly I calculated that I just wasn’t going to be able to prepare the rest of the lessons with only an afternoon and evening to work on each one beforehand.

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