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From the readers

Thanks for publishing the article “I kept trusting God” by Cathy Edge in the March 20, 2017, Sentinel.
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Stability in unstable times

True peace, stability, and joy are found in an understanding of God.
What if higher spiritual laws, with dependably good outcomes, exist? 
A crucial distinction is whether we see ourselves or God, as the source of the good we can do.
We can consistently be alert to prevent any erroneous suggestion from gaining entrance into our consciousness. 
Dialogue With The World

Rendering to Caesar, rendering to God

Dear Professor _________:

Seeing the perfect me

When I was in elementary school, I had to wear a uniform.
Testimony of Healing
Recently I was listening to The Mother Church’s live online testimony meeting, and as always I was very grateful for the inspiring readings and testimonies.
Testimony of Healing
In 2010, I was selected for a 15-month consultancy with the United Nations in the Dominican Republic.
Testimony of Healing

Painful arm condition healed

It is so comforting to know that the divine Principle of healing can be proved in our lives.

Restful stillness

Be still self-willyou cannot killthe good that’s going on.

Answers to the heart

God’s answer for discouragement:“Courage, my dearest idea.

Am I ready?

I had no choice at that point but to utterly trust and obey God. 
Bible Lens

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