Maintaining spiritual altitude

While flying with a friend who has a pilot’s license, I had a lesson that gave a boost to my spiritual growth. It was a beautiful, clear day, and we could see snow-capped Mount Washington in New Hampshire, 75 miles to the west. We were flying at around 7,000 feet when my friend asked me, “Do you want to fly the plane?” “Sure!” I said with excitement. 

As I took the control stick, my friend instructed me to keep my eyes on the horizon so as to fly level. I could feel the plane gently pitch and yaw in response to my slight hand movements with the stick. After a minute or so, my friend instructed me that we were losing altitude. That surprised me, as I felt we had been flying at a steady elevation. But while glancing at the beautiful landscapes below, I had taken my eyes off the horizon, and the plane had indeed gone lower. I turned my attention back on the horizon and on maintaining altitude.

The ‘oomph’ behind God’s angels
March 20, 2017

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