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[“The view beyond division,” Tony Lobl, February 20, 2017, Sentinel]
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast
I am finding that maintaining this spiritual altitude, acknowleding my inseparable sonship with God, enables me to be a healer. 
God’s thoughts had shown me the real me—His spiritual expression.
What does it truly mean to win?
I quietly prayed to know that ignorance and fear were not included in God’s plan for His children.
Dialogue With The World

The fact of healing in Christian Scientists’ experience

Is human experience limited to what can be measured with scientific instruments?

I kept trusting God

It was my first big-girl bike.
Testimony of Healing
My gratitude for the efficacy of the healing power of Christian Science goes beyond words.
Testimony of Healing
Over the Christmas holidays, I did quite a bit of traveling in order to stay with a dear friend, who was happy to have some company.
Testimony of Healing

Leg injury healed

Six years ago, I had a healing that proved to me that I can never be outside God’s care and immediate help.


“Rise, take up your bed!”the Master said.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Seeking truth, 21st-century style

Last year, the Oxford Dictionaries declared post-truth as the international word of the year.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Truth and fake news

Recent world events have brought the problem of fake news—information that is misleading or false but designed to be taken as truth—to the fore.
Understanding that we all reflect one God, one infinite Love, we find we can appreciate working with people of all races and cultures.
Bible Lens

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