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From the readers

I was impressed and helped by the testimony about a relationship challenge by Christine Driessen in the February 6, 2017, Sentinel.
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast
The mothering qualities of divine Love are always available to us, God’s children. 

An army of angels

Angels are pure and comforting thoughts that come straight from God to His children.
We hear many common phrases with the word down in it.
Human ego can get in our way. We can instead give all credit to divine Mind.
How I Found Christian Science
Growing up, I had problems with fitting in and often sought out approval from others.
Close your eyes for a minute.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Course correction

When a broken thumb looked like it might derail his soccer season, this author realized he had a choice. He could keep focusing on the image of the injury, or he could pray to see himself spiritually. His decision brought healing.
Testimony of Healing
Over a year ago, while I was driving, my car was struck by a driver who turned in front of me.
Testimony of Healing
I worked as a camp counselor for a couple of summers while in college.
Testimony of Healing

Cat bite healed

One day, my cat got spooked and bit me on the arm.
Testimony of Healing
When I attended elementary school, I was a shy, quiet child and didn’t seem to be very bright.
Image and Inspiration

'From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me ...'

Sunrise in Orange County, California
Our aim should be to grow in understanding God and in expressing our identity as God’s spiritual reflection. 
Bible Lens

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