‘And again I say, Rejoice’

Rejoice … Out of curiosity, I recently searched the roots of this word and found them to include more than expected. The origin is two archaic French words: re (expressing intensive force) and joir (to experience joy). Combined, they mean to cause joy, or, cause good humor, cause happiness. In keeping with this, when we rejoice, we are causing joy to be seen, shared. Nice! Do we not then have even greater reason to rejoice always?

Some time ago, I took the advice of a friend with regard to how I start my day—as she does, when I awaken, I don’t check with my body to see how or what matter feels, but instead declare who and what I am, affirming I was created in God’s image and likeness, thankfully recognizing (and rejoicing!) that we cannot be separated for an instant from God, divine Love, knowing God governs all life. I choose to let this grateful sense of God’s presence determine my state of thought at the outset of each day. And I’ve learned that this perspective proves to be a healing one.

No Life but the Divine
November 20, 2017

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