No harm from fire ant stings

Sometimes we think we have done something wrong if we have a discordant experience, but that is not necessarily true. It is our opportunity to prove that God, good, our heavenly Parent, is the only real power governing us. We are His children. Speaking of the man who was born blind, Jesus told his disciples that neither the man nor his parents had sinned, “but that the works of God should be made manifest in him” (John 9:3). Then he healed the man of blindness. 

Our family had an unforgettable proof of the healing power of divine Love when we were living in Texas some years ago. Our six-year-old daughter was out in the backyard playing when I suddenly heard her screaming. I rushed out and found her standing in the middle of a fire ant nest. Countless excited ants were crawling on her feet and ankles and stinging her. 

I removed her from the nest, turned on the hose full blast, and quickly washed the ants away. Then I carried her into the house and did my best to comfort her. Her body started swelling up. I was afraid and called a Christian Science practitioner and asked her to pray for me and my daughter. Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “If the case is that of a young child or an infant, it needs to be met mainly through the parent’s thought …” (p. 412).

Testimony of Healing
Cyst gone
June 13, 2016

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