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Happiness now and always

I couldn’t hold on to the belief that my happiness would come only when my circumstances changed.
Like Moses, we can increasingly experience “mountain-top” inspiration.

Halting hatred

The great fact that God is Love is a revelation, a dawning of reality in consciousness.
Because God is the only Mind, He is the source of all true thought.

An invitation to churches

The Mother Church invites branch churches, societies, and informal groups to send historical materials to the archives of The Mary Baker Eddy Library.
Comfort From The Psalms

My ‘go-to’ Bible verse

There is a verse from Psalm 56 that, while consisting of just ten little words, has comforted and healed me throughout my life: “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee”.
Bible Lens

A new comfort zone

I realized that I didn’t have to miss home because I was already there. My home was in Love.
Testimony of Healing
Sometime ago I was standing by our piano, working on a deliciously difficult jigsaw puzzle, a Christmas gift from my daughter.
Testimony of Healing
Sometimes we think we have done something wrong if we have a discordant experience, but that is not necessarily true.
Testimony of Healing

Cyst gone

Becoming a Christian Scientist is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Testimony of Healing

Moral stumble averted

My dear brothers and sisters, 
Image and Inspiration

'Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee'

Protected fawn, American River Parkway, Sacramento, California
Jesus didn’t promise a life free of challenges—but he did promise that in building on the foundation of Christ, Truth, we are secure.

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