Cyst gone

Originally written in French, this first appeared in the June 2016 Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

Becoming a Christian Scientist is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve been studying Christian Science for eight years now, and it has helped me better understand and know God. Christian Science has changed my life, and I see improvements every day. Not long ago, I experienced once more the efficacy of this Science. 

For many years, an abnormal growth had been on the back of my neck. It was supposedly the result of a rash and an infection that had left me with the cyst. It had gotten bigger over time. It appeared long before I became a Christian Scientist, and I must say that, in my mind, it was not a problem. During all those years, I hadn’t pursued medical treatment, despite the urging from family and friends who were afraid (without saying it overtly) that this growth was the sign of something more serious. 

After I learned about Christian Science, I started to pray once in a while about this issue, but without insisting much on the all-power of God. Then, last year, the cyst seemed to have become the source of pain that was spreading. That made me aware of this difficulty and of the need to pray more seriously about it scientifically—that is, from the standpoint of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Moral stumble averted
June 13, 2016

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