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[“Putting God first,” Marilyn Wickstrom, February 22, 2016, Sentinel]
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What happens when the job isn’t there anymore? Or we retire? Do we lose our identity or sense of purpose?
Christ Jesus triumphed by overcoming so-called material laws through his fidelity to divine law.
We realize that we do have a choice about how to respond, and that we can exercise the spiritual discipline to understandingly trust God instead of believing in evil.

Song of Christly love

The words to a Beatles song that speaks of all the lonely people of the world came to my thought the other day.
Comfort From The Psalms
I’ve been learning more each day that as we gain a better understanding of the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures, more harmony becomes tangible in our lives.
Kids' Video

Be a dragon slayer!

When I was little, I didn’t like climbing into my bed if my room was already dark.
Bible Lens

No great red dragon

Whoa, great red dragon!You sure look big and strong.
Testimony of Healing
When my boss, her boss, and the person to whom we all reported left the university I worked for, I suddenly found myself in charge of a large office that submitted thousands of research proposals each year on behalf of the organization.
Testimony of Healing

Illness on trip healed

The Bible tells us that God spoke to Moses as He would speak to a friend.
Testimony of Healing
A few years ago I visited England to see my husband’s family and attend a nephew’s wedding.
Image and Inspiration

'Have one God and you will have no devil'

Bee and foxgloves

Love—the foundation of Church

The spirit of unity and fellowship is essential to the fulfillment of Christ Jesus’ commands to love.

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