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[“Claiming our divine immunity,” George M.
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Christmas wisdom

Am I following the path of wisdom by growing in the understanding of Christ, the spiritual idea of God?
The Holy Ghost, or divine Spirit, comes to human consciousness in every age. 

Presence of Immanuel

The power of Immanuel boldly comes to our consciousness and transforms thought and experience. 
Our divine Mother, God, guides, shelters, comforts, embraces, reassures, empowers us, and gives us courage.
Note: The following analysis of statistical data was published in the Journal of Religion and Health. Dr. Levin, who is a member of the board of directors of his synagogue, is a professor at Baylor University, a Christian institution in Texas.
It was the day before Christmas vacation! Yay! After the spelling test, our class was going to have a holiday party with treats, fun activities, and moms coming in to help.
Testimony of Healing
Some time ago, I noticed a lump on my breast and was concerned, knowing the dire medical predictions about that symptom.
Testimony of Healing
As an artist needing photos for new paintings, I had been invited to participate in a Western photo shoot at a ranch.
Testimony of Healing

Healed on a morning run

There’s nothing like a run in the early morning.

Angel space

Humility can replace both self-effacement and self-promotion with unselfed love for all, including ourselves.
Bible Lens

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