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Comfort from the Psalms 
The Christian Science Journal
Rejoicing, prayer, and thanksgiving are effective components of healing because they affirm what we know to be spiritually true.

We can be freed from sin

God was always with me, and as I kept praying I won my freedom.
What I’ve found most helpful in confronting confusing, bitter, or disappointing times in my life is prayer.
One helpful way to pray is to distinguish what seems to be going around from what’s really going on.
Image and Inspiration

Abide not in the realm of dreams

Lighthouse reflection
Primary Class Instruction

A natural next step

Although I grew up in a Christian Science Sunday School and had wonderful healings of childhood diseases through the prayers of my mother and a devoted Christian Science practitioner, it wasn’t until I was healed of a serious physical problem as an adult that I stood in awe of the power of the Word of God as revealed to Mary Baker Eddy.

Happiness and home

No longer was I relying on other people or a certain place to provide happiness. 
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing
Some years ago, while in the United States Army, I had the opportunity to perform special training with new air defense equipment the government was evaluating with a large civilian company.
Testimony of Healing

Pain and nausea healed

I have been a student of Christian Science for many years.
Testimony of Healing
I owe many thanks to Christian Science for what I’ve learned about my spiritual nature and the role my thought plays in my health and well-being.
Testimony of Healing
Animals, including our beloved pets, are created and maintained by our Father-Mother God; in their real, spiritual identities, they are expressions of Love.
Articles (Continued)
Children readily learn to practice Christian Science when they are encouraged to use it in their daily activities.

No one can hurt us

We are utterly loved by God, and that love is a law that fulfills all good for us.

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