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Note to contributors
Christian Science Sentinel

Joy in obeying God

This desire to be obedient, to be good and pure, isn’t just an intellectual process. 
God has guided me every time I have trusted Him.
The belief that life and its activities take place in matter as opposed to Spirit is chock full of illusive appearances.

The rosebud

Primary Class Instruction
Taking Primary class instruction in Christian Science was a life-changing event for me—no doubt about it.

God knows me, and error doesn’t!

One morning I went into my mom and dad’s room and told them that my stomach hurt.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

No more need for eyeglasses

For decades I had very good eyesight.
Testimony of Healing

Injury healed

Last summer, my husband and I went on a golf trip with three other couples.
Testimony of Healing

Led home by Love

I live on a farm that is divided by a very busy road.
Testimony of Healing

Child healed of asthma

A few years ago I started taking my 18-month-old son to the Wednesday evening testimony meetings at a branch Church of Christ, Scientist, in our town.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Love from China’s famed dissident

China’s most famous political dissident, Liu Xiaobo, has now served nearly half of an 11-year prison sentence.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Loving one’s enemies

The idea of loving one’s enemies can sound, to the uninitiated, naive and impractical.

Caring for our mental home

Divine Love’s help is at hand to restore the consciousness of our true harmony and well-being. 

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