Please thank Bruce Smith for his article in the April 28, 2014, Sentinel, “No more tobacco addiction.” I’m grateful for Mr. Smith’s clear proof that addictions can be healed! Thanks also to Maureen O’Neal for her testimony in the same issue [“Freed from alcoholism”], affirming her healings of both alcoholism and smoking. Our prayers are needed to help those who feel enslaved by various substances. (See The Christian Science Monitor’s recent cover story about heroin addiction, “Heroin’s long reach,” March 24, 2014.)

Mr. Smith referred to a testimony he had heard, which helped him rededicate himself “to finding an answer to [his] tobacco addiction.” He didn’t recall the source, but it reminded me of a testimony by William Ansley, C.S.B., which was included in the Sentinel Radio Edition, November 21, 1999. The experience Mr. Ansley describes is quite similar to the one Mr. Smith remembered. I highly recommend this Sentinel broadcast, titled “Giving thanks to God—a powerful act.”

All-star thinking and acting
May 19, 2014

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