Financial needs met

Many years ago, I loaned money to someone, and it began to look as if the loan would not be repaid at all. At that time I owned a one-man heating and air conditioning company, and I needed to be repaid in three weeks’ time in order to meet my business’s end-of-the-month expenses, as well as to pay rent on my apartment. 

Time was running out, and I spent several days being afraid that I would be evicted, and being angry at this person who had previously agreed to pay me back. I schemed and plotted how I could make this person pay the debt, but eventually had to admit that I couldn’t solve the problem on my own. There was no apparent solution at hand, and so I humbly asked God to tell me what to do. The answer came back almost immediately: “Forgive.” I saw this message could have two meanings: to forgive the debt and to give up my anger at this person. To be sure I covered all aspects of this message, I worked on both meanings.

Not just called, but chosen
May 12, 2014

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