What do you see?

For the Lesson titled “Reality” from March 24-30, 2014

As children, my sister and I would lie on the grass, look up at the night sky, and ask each other, “What do you see?” At first we saw the typical constellations: the Little Dipper; Big Dipper; Leo, the Lion. Then we’d giggle and point to the sky again, as it suddenly seemed there was so much more before us—wild animals, paths to rainbows, weeping willow trees, etc. The possibilities seemed endless.

The Christian Science Bible Lesson this week, titled “Reality,” encourages us to reflect on the question: What do you see? At first glance, the Bible stories may present human experiences with “endless possibilities”—both good and bad. By digging deeper into the spiritual interpretations of these stories, we can understand how Isaiah, Jesus, and Paul were able to see and experience healing—through the ever-widening view of divine Mind.

Spiritual Perspective on Books
Praying and living the psalms
March 24, 2014

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