No more ‘counting heads’ in church

The testimony (above) about the small church reminded me of a time years ago when I was a First Reader in a tiny Christian Science Society in Maine. Usually every Wednesday night there were at least four or five of us there. Then one week there were only three, then two, the organist and me. Then one week there was just me. I stood at the podium to read and discouragingly prayed out loud: “Now what am I supposed to do, I’m the only one here?” The answer was quick and decisive: “I’m here!” And in that moment I realized that God’s full and wonderful presence was right there with me. I read the hymns, the readings I had prepared, prayed silently and then prayed audibly the Lord’s Prayer, and even gave a silent testimony.

That was one of the most inspiring Wednesday testimony meetings I attended. Never again did I feel discouraged about how many people were in church with me. God was and would always be there with me as He always is no matter where I am.

Testimony of Healing
Injured foot healed
March 24, 2014

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