Prayer for the rising generation

This article was originally published in The Christian Science Monitor.

Figures gathered by the International Labor Organization say that 75 million young people are unemployed, or 12.6 percent of 15-to-24-year-olds worldwide. Some in the older end of that group are considered highly qualified people stuck in temporary jobs far from the field they diligently studied for. Many are said to be wondering about their future, their independence, and their security as they put off marriage and family.

They are being called the “lost generation.” One definition of lost is “mislaid or left in a place unknown or forgotten.” An imposing label for a rising generation! Knowing my own pure desire for progressive good, I instinctively reject that label. Because I’ve turned to God for renewal and healing for many years, prayer helps me see that no situation is out of the range of the one God. In the abundant good that our Father-Mother God is giving to each of us as Her cherished children, there is safety and prosperity for each of us. No one, and that includes each young person, can be left out of divine Love’s abundance.

Dissolving ‘unnatural reluctance’
March 24, 2014

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