Three simple prayers

Several months ago I was climbing a tree near the back door of our house and injured my heel and ankle when I jumped out of it. It hurt quite a bit. My dad saw what happened and came over and asked me how I was. I said it hurt, but I thought I could go up the hill to care for the animals on our small farm, which was my usual job. My dad thought this would be OK.

I immediately turned to God, both before and after my dad talked with me, to know that I was in His care and protection. I started by saying something called the “no” prayer to myself—basically, a denial that there can be sensation or intelligence in anything physical or material. I’d heard about the “no” prayer the year before from a Christian Science speaker at my church, and it was a good place to begin. I thought about it as I went to the animals, and the prayer helped me not feel confused into thinking that I was a material individual who’d suffered an accident. I was able to go about my duties without feeling overly burdened.

Testimony of Healing
The prayer that meets all needs
March 24, 2014

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