The paradigm of peace

In Samuel P. Huntington’s widely-read book, The Clash of Civilizations, written in 1996, the author predicted a chaotic future: broken states, intensification of tribal and religious conflict, and the spread of terrorism; in other words, total entropy. Today the world often seems to be suffering from these symptoms—is there an antidote?

It’s helpful first to ask ourselves just what the source of this chaotic paradigm is. Isn’t it the bullying belief that we were made with limits, in the image of dusty Adam (see Genesis 2) rather than the spiritual likeness of God, divine Love (see Genesis 1)? Now let’s postulate for a moment that there is, actually, enough for everyone. That each citizen of the world is awake to their God-given purpose. Like a symphony of instruments working in harmony to share beautiful music, the song of God must sweetly overtake the discord of selfish living. This anthem drowns out the mechanical discord of chaos and terrorism: a monopoly of media attention, security resources rushing from place to place, oppressed thought fearfully crying out against brother and sister.

'I willingly listened'
March 25, 2013

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