Arm and shoulder fully functional

I enjoy riding a bike. I follow a five-mile course along bike paths in my community very often. On a late September day three years ago, toward the end of my ride, I sped along at a good clip. Beginning to feel too warm, I decided to remove my windbreaker without stopping. Big mistake! As I slipped off one sleeve, the jacket dropped and became caught in the wheel spokes. It instantly stopped the bike, throwing me forward against the handle bars, then flipping me in a complete somersault. I finally landed on my head and one shoulder, and the rest of me followed, hitting flat on the pavement. 

At first I lay there stunned. My ribs were painful and my shoulder and arm were immobile. I hadn’t seen anyone around, but I knew that unless I was able to get up, eventually someone would call an ambulance. 

Testimony of Healing
Lump in breast gone
March 25, 2013

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