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Other than her writings, Mary Baker Eddy has given students of Christian Science no greater gift than the provision for Primary class instruction.

Leaving the old for the new

As an old year yields necessarily and graciously to a new one, it’s not uncommon to leave previous patterns of thought and action to embrace freshly inspired ones.
God frees us from the fear of death, opening the door to healing.

Moment-to-moment progress

The commitment to ongoing spiritual ‘newness’ goes way beyond New Year’s resolutions.

You can be made new—now!

Each day we grow new in our understanding of God.

Full bloom

It’s an insurrection of infinite proportions!Hearts are breaking open— Love is on the loose and shows no signs of stopping:  Speeding past the garden’s edge Climbing over fences Reaching beyond reach toward the light.
Separating fact from fiction.
A retired military chaplain shares how divine grace protects and inspires.

Gold-winning spiritual purpose

Looking beneath the surface of the 2012 sporting year.

Summer camp blessings

Camp means healing opportunities.
Through a Spiritual Lens

Stepping forward fearlessly

It was a late summer afternoon in Boston’s Back Bay.
How I Shared Christian Science

A cup of cold water

I knew instantly that I should go to the service and be a spiritual support there.
Sentinel Watch

Addressing tragedies and 'sudden endings'

We’ve all felt the shock that comes from an abrupt ending.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Knowing the Lord brings blessings

Our relationship with God is not a theoretical crutch to lean on.
The Touch of Class

Class and a college kid

Class instruction provided clear direction about how to pray effectively.
Items of Interest
Congress will become … more religiously diverse this January, after Tuesday’s.
LOL—Lots of Laughs
The rain, it raineth every dayupon the just and unjust fellas.
Testimony of Healing
For more than a decade, I was a cigarette smoker and tried several times to quit without lasting success.
Testimony of Healing

Dancing and praising God

During the summer following my freshman year in high school, I attended a dance program for young dancers aspiring to become teachers.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of otitis and urinary problem

I suffered from severe earaches for many years.
From the Editors

Defending children

When a heart is truly touched by Christ, that heart is made new, and there is no going back.

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