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So many thanks for the editorial “Divine simplicity … or mental algebra?

Light that never goes out

We think about Christmas all year long.
Jesus and love are inextricably intertwined.

South Pacific Christmas

A window on the glory the shepherds saw on that first Christmas.

'God is good!'

Celebrating with our wider family.
Prayer comes to the rescue when her son's Christmas gifts were stolen.

We need Christmas

God's grace is expressed all year round.
A simple image, softly drawn and colored.

My 'snow angel'

When two people in a blizzard meet "by chance," they end up saving each other.
The ticking of the clock can't rule you.
The Touch of Class

Beautiful answers

Our Christian Science association is the ideal support group for our commitment to be active healers.
Suddenly, volunteering was a lot more meaningful.

Warmth and wonder

Fresh and crisp as sunlit snowThe Christ lights and warmsWith fiery glow
There are great things you can learn from a donkey.
Sentinel Watch
The prospect that "moral conditions will be found always harmonious and health-giving" is certainly worth exploring further.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

God's 'unspeakable gift'

This lesson "unwraps" this gift, Christian Science, revealing its beauty and utility.
Spiritual Focus on Books

In the footsteps of Jesus

The book reconstructs the historical, social, and cultural conditions of Jesus' time.
Items of Interest
Speaking on the last day of the International Conference on Confessional Leadership, in Peachtree City, Georgia, the Rev.
LOL — Lots of Laughs

How many Christian Scientists...

How many Christian Scientists can you fit into a Honda?
Testimony of Healing

Function restored to hand

On a Friday in June 2011, I had an odd feeling in my right hand.
Testimony of Healing

Injured hands healed

While I was helping out at my son’s school, I caught a falling pole with my right hand, but the pole twisted out of my hand, snapping my thumb and breaking the finger nail into the quick.
Testimony of Healing

Healing and a happy Christmas

Last Christmas I had company staying with me for a few days and we had a wonderful time.
Testimony of Healing

Protection at sea

I have always been an excellent swimmer, especially in the ocean, so when the surf was forecast to be between six feet and eight feet in Laguna Beach, California, on a warm summer day in July 1970, I didn’t have reservations about going to the beach.
From the Editors
God's love is here to heal and save everyone.

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