'Move on!'

First appeared as a Web Original on August 15, 2012

“Move on!” has become the catchphrase of a new TV quiz show on Sky Atlantic, Cleverdicks! And the presenter, Ann Widdecombe, a former member of the British government and a well-known broadcaster, journalist, and novelist, says those words with such authority that the participants really do move on.

Cleverdicks! is a not a trivia quiz, but an intellectual exercise requiring a wide knowledge of the arts, history, geography, science, and so on. The participants have usually enjoyed some success in life or are experienced quizzers at a national or even international level. But Ann manages to control them all very well. They are given five clues to each question, and get more points if they get the answer from the first clue, diminishing to fewer points the more clues they need. They are allowed to advance to another topic if they don’t like the subject or don’t think they will get the answer, and Ann encourages them to “move on.” 

The square of light
November 5, 2012

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