A noble calling

“In your peaceful homes remember our brave soldiers, whether in camp or in battle,” Mary Baker Eddy urges us (Christian Science versus Pantheism, p. 14). In this week’s Sentinel, you’ll read stories of soldiers who have had dramatic experiences of divine protection and guidance in combat. You’ll also find plenty of healing ideas from people who dedicate time and prayer to helping those in military service. 

During his time as a soldier, Bruce Schwartz was advised to focus his prayers more on “projection,” realizing that God created us to express Him, rather than on “protection.” What that distinction meant to him, and how he was protected under enemy fire, is the subject of his insightful article on page 9. Chris Johnson, who joined the United States Navy during the Vietnam War, discusses the big questions he faced when considering a career in military service (p. 4). His prayer-based answers revealed a higher sense of purpose that guided him through his 25-year career. Beth Schaefer finds that the moral and spiritual qualities a good soldier develops are also important to everyone’s spiritual progress (p. 6). She shares her thoughts on what we can do to support our military men and women, both on the battlefield and back at home. And Sue Sonke shares inspiration from her work with a church team holding Christian Science services for Marine recruits (p. 7). She notes, “Both the courage of David and the compassion of Christ Jesus are relevant to our prayers for the military, no matter what country we happen to live in.” 

Even in war, one man's prayer counts
November 5, 2012

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