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I want to thank each contributor and all those who bring such talents and skills to these publications.

A common goal

The “Personal Transformation” section of Amazon.
Items of Interest

Stopping the violence

Death is not to be celebrated.
Items of Interest
Pastor Suzette Caldwell has been voted the 2010 Author of the Year for her award-winning book, Praying to Change Your Life, a guide to productive prayer.
Items of Interest
There was a time when those who prophesied the death of religion portrayed what would follow that demise as a blissful era of tolerance, freedom, and respect for the dignity of all.
Sentinel Watch

Living peace to end war

If each one begins to love instead of hate, and insists on the reality and power of divine Love, everything can change. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

From fear to faith

Look for opportunities to turn fear (a “no” to God) into faith.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective
Managing the world's forests is an awesome responsibility that can be enlightened by prayer.

Seeing the light

An insight into God's spiritual light brings about healing for this teen.
Do you like to pray with the 23rd Psalm?
Church Alive

Church home — found!

Church members urged me to go and be with him. They would take care of our home and animals. So I drove our motor home across the mountains to be with my husband.
We can each come to terms with the inestimable worth within us as God's spiritual reflection.

A higher degree and greater potential

As a doctoral student, this writer dug into his study of Christian Science and discovered more about his unlimited potential.

New in town and prepared to bless

Despite job setbacks, this writer realizes her infinite capacity to bless others.

Discovering my potential

Advice on potential is everywhere, but prayer and God's voice stand out.

Eternal life is now

If you're waiting for eternal life–wait no more!

Like a blade of grass

Look no farther than the front lawn to ponder a spiritual insight.

Look beneath the surface

As with old paintings, so in life: remove the outer layers, discover the spiritual identity beneath.


beyond “in touch” is flawless congruity— an always-present consciousness of my Mind knowing as me.
Testimony of Healing

Love is the healer

Some years ago, there was a small bone out of alignment in one of my wrists—it was visibly protruding.
Testimony of Healing
In September 2009 I experienced discomfort in my back shoulder area.
Testimony of Healing

Healing and recovery after a fall

Some years ago, I was visiting my daughter in Savannah, Georgia, who had houseguests at the time.
From the Editors

Perception management

Manage your perceptions — don’t let your unchecked perceptions manage you. 

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