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The January 10 Sentinel truly hits the mark: “Spiritual progress and healing.

A new angle on age

“The AGE issue!”
Items of Interest
The Rev.
Items of Interest
Call it the “negative placebo effect.
Sentinel Watch
There is no closure to God’s provision, because God is All. God is our supply and that meets every human need.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

A promise of full salvation

Not even the smallest thing is ignored, as Christ fulfills God’s law.
A chemistry class and photography provide helpful analogies for understanding God.
Through diligent prayer the author begins to see her true beauty.
Excerpts from a live Sentinel Web chat with Rebecca Odegaard, C.S.B.

Vibrancy has no age

Vibrancy, vitality, stamina, and strength are spiritual qualities that have nothing to do with the passage of time.

Perfect landings

A Navy pilot gives wings to prayer instead of accepting that his career is over.

Grateful for many healings

This writer shares how prayer enables us to find ongoing strength and healing.

Just say ‘no!’ to decline

A dedicated search for the spiritual basis of life leads this author to a new-found sense of happiness.

Never too old to heal

Age doesn't need to get in the way of a sincere desire to help others.
Your Daily Lift

Ageless living

There’s always a lot of talk about aging—how to avoid its effect through exercise, diet, and all kinds of other things.

Flying solo

Daunted by the thought of traveling alone, this teen companions with God.
Church Alive
I asked her if she was aware that the theme for this year’s Annual Meeting is “Church Alive.”
 We then had a comical cellphone moment—she replied, “Did you say, ‘Is church alive?’ ”

Dancing with daffodils

With spring now upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, my thoughts have been turning again to Wordsworth’s well-loved poem “Daffodils,” which has always delighted me.

The stranger

It was as a stranger you first appearedAnd a graciousness spread.
Testimony of Healing
Early last year, I was on the way to a dentist appointment when I tripped and fell on the cement, landing forcefully on my arm and hand.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of effects from a fall

I’m very grateful for the immediacy and effectiveness of relying on God’s healing power.
Testimony of Healing

Indications of sciatica dissolve

In the summer of 2009, I began waking up every morning with pain shooting down my left leg.
From the Editors
God’s law of provision sustains good human efforts to help one another. 

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