What changes – and what's changeless

What could be more exciting than the unbounded possibilities presented by a new year? Of course, none of us needs to wait for a calendar change before moving forward in our lives, but in symbolic terms, the blank canvas of a new year is inspiring. It’s a fresh start, a nudge to make meaningful, progressive changes to our routines. That’s why this issue of the Sentinel is titled “Welcoming change”: We’re celebrating all that’s spiritually fresh and inspiring about a brand new year.

Of course, embracing change doesn’t mean automatically accepting all that’s new and different. Instead, it means looking to God to guide us into fresh ways of thinking, setting aside worn-out, limited views of ourselves and others. And embracing change—during the New Year, or at any time—often means gaining a deeper understanding of the changeless relationship each one of us has with God. In this week’s cover story, Rebecca Odegaard puts it like this: “Trusting God, giving up fears and mortal projections, always brings the spiritual growth that is recognized in blessings. . . . Practicing dominion over change reveals grace and utilizes the meek authority of the Christ” (p. 6).

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December 26, 2011

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