Our biweekly series on how people have nurtured their public practice of Christian Science healing.


I WAS THINKING recently how the adventure that led to my active participation in the public practice of Christian Science actually began with my first Sunday School class. It was nurtured by my first healing, and the many that followed. It was fostered by the commitment I made to study the Christian Science Bible Lesson, and by my first subscription to this magazine. It flowed from experiences that awakened me to love more. It flowered through active branch church membership and the equally precious opportunity to stand up and be counted as a student of Christian Science by joining The Mother Church. The Scriptural reminder to follow Jesus' example deepened my sense of the practical unction of spiritual enlightenment, and the need to live what I was learning. Mentored and shepherded by my Pastor, the Bible and Science and Health, I found my life continuing to expand with fresh purpose and fulfillment.

Primary Class instruction with a Christian Science teacher quickened the pace of my steps toward becoming a practitioner. My main reason for taking this 12-day class had been that I knew it would contribute so much to my spiritual growth. When I applied, and the teacher asked me if I would be willing to respond to a call for Christian Science treatment, I said, "Yes." At the time, however, the scope of my activities leaned toward three avenues of endeavor—my family, my church, and work in the community. And though my motive in each case was to contribute from a standpoint of spiritual impulsion and love, the thought of entering the public practice of Christian Science hadn't yet fully blossomed.

February 15, 2010

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