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Just let go

If you downhill ski, you probably remember how counterintuitive it was in the beginning.


I've just read the outstanding May 10 issue on volunteering.


"When hurting people arrive at work, they don't check their personal problems at the door.

REAL power

It's not found in nuclear fission. It's not the possession of any person. Armies can't harness it or wield it. True power resides in God alone, and it's yours today.


Living in pre- and post-revolutionary Romania, Nicole Draghici has seen both sides of corruptive power. Now, she's more committed than ever to trusting God's government of her country and her life.

'Father, what will I do?'

When a robbery attempt threatened to paralyze a dinner guest with fear, she turned to divine power for a way out.

POWERLESS in the workplace?

When he felt totally unable to correct unjust opinions his boss held of him, the writer sought the salvation of prayer—with unexpected results.

God as the only power

Jesus proved it. Ghandi proved it. And this young woman wanted to prove as well that trust in Truth can effect positive change.

Life uninterrupted

Disaster fantasies gave way to peace when the writer rediscovered her permanent connection with God.

The lantern

A lantern hangs to mark the way,It's lit, but shows no light.

Church: 'Bringing the world together'

The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.

Thanks, Dad

My dad went with me when I shopped for my first prom dress.
SPIRITUAL focus on books
In 1997, when teacher, preacher, and columnist Barbara Brown Taylor went from full-time pastoring to full-time teaching, I suspect that many of us who knew her only through her columns in The Christian Century welcomed the thought that she'd have more time for writing.

Are you sure you're right?

A friend had just written me a long e-mail on a current issue in the news, giving his strong opinion about the matter.
Testimony of Healing

I began paying less attention to the physical condition of my son's feet and much more to what I was accepting as valid thoughts.

Testimony of Healing
One morning, about three years ago, while shaving, I noticed that a small growth on my face had become quite noticeable.
Testimony of Healing
A healing that I'm very grateful for occurred one winter when I was an assistant teacher in a private school.
Learn more about the ideas in Science and Health and how they can help you be who you want to be, improve the world around you, and find deeper meaning in life.
FROM THE editors

Patience and love, particularly from parents, are powerful to help physically or emotionally troubled teens.

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