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Alongside a dirt road that winds through several farms on the southeast coast of South Africa, a man labors from dawn till dusk every day, working a small vegetable patch that is his only source of livelihood.


For some months, I have been reading about the general election coming in October 2005 here in Tanzania.


"Last Month , Chinese authorities announced groundbreaking for two churches in Beijing, the first to be built in the capital since the Communist Party took power in 1949, according to the state-run People's Daily newspaper.

A conversation about PRAYER AND FINANCES

with Marge Brown, Ron Ballard, Mark Nelson, and Marilyn Jones
When mounting debt made things look hopeless, the writer found a spiritual perspective that changed everything for the better.

God never let us down

Through prayer, a Brazilian family learned that real security isn't tied to a job.

Rescued from financial disaster

The spectre of massive debt and possible bankruptcy led this businessman to humbly draw closer to God—and to solid, workable solutions.
Recently divorced and on her own financially, the writer found God's grace to be an actual power she could rely on.

Church across the miles

The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.
A worker for the U N High Commissioner for Human Rights perceives a gradual awakening in the general thought about woman's rights in Africa.
The time to begin claiming the fruits of immortality is now!
With My Army Discharge Papers in hand, my wife and I drove from Texas to Illinois, happy to be our own rolling demilitarized zone.
Testimony of Healing

I knew I was and always would be safe in God's care, and that my health was not controlled by time or physical structure.

Testimony of Healing

Healed of eye condition

When I woke up one morning in February of 2002, my left eye was very swollen, red, and painful.
Testimony of Healing
My introduction to the spiritual healing explained in Science and Health seemed like a "light on the road" experience to me.
FROM THE editors

The union of justice and health is real and powerful and beneficial; it can move us from helplessness to empowerment, from despair to inspiration, and from illness to health.

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