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Over The Last Few Years I've become an enthusiastic reader of adventure stories—the real-life dramas in which climbers, sailors, and explorers tell of battling through storms, ice, loneliness, and physical restrictions to prevail in seemingly hopeless situations.


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items of interest

items of interest

"According to a major new survey on Internet use in the United States, more than a third of all Americans who are connected to the Web.

Wake up to courage

Knowing God's power is supreme gives you the courage to stand firm in the face of evil.

When loss becomes gain

I realized that the Bible kept falling open to almost the same page in Isaiah where it says, "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee."


The courage to forgive

After his family's safety and security were threatened by IRA terrorists, resolute prayer led this writer to a healing, saving peace.

On the wings of prayer

In the quest for safe skies and happy landings, the world needs our prayers now more than ever.
When the phone rang, I wasn't expecting to hear my wife's voice.

Angels at 14,410 feet

At any altitude, spiritual thinking takes you all the way you need to go.
A serious injury becomes the occasion for spiritual self-discovery and healing.

The art of healing

The ineffability of spiritual experience is no less tangible than the flesh and bones of human life.
The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.

An ideal sanctuary

I grew up in a home where loud voices, arguments, and occasional hand-launched missiles were common.

You can face down corruption

Shortly After Crossing from Rwanda into Tanzania, I found myself being detained at a police station.
Testimony of Healing

I prayed to understand myself better as "the idea of God"— whole, complete, and perfect.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago, I decided to leave my professional activities in order to care for our first baby.
Testimony of Healing

Ankle injury healed

In the autumn of 2001, I found myself turning to God for help.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.
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FROM THE editors

There is a powerful antidote to discouragement: scientific prayer that affirms and draws comfort from God's unfailing love.

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