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To learn all things

The Children of Bapure, Togo, and the Porta Farm squatters' village near Harare, Zimbabwe, help us connect the dots.


A loud bravo for your November 10 issue ["Protest for health"]! I am a lifelong Christian Scientist, and have been a Sentinel subscriber for several years.
items of interest

items of interest

"The steady Stream of inspirational books that flowed from publishing houses in the 1990s found such a spiritually needy audience that the stream has turned into an annual flood of new books with religious themes.

Working for a HIGHER purpose

It's not so much the kind of work you do that matters, but the approach you take to it. Any kind of work can serve a higher cause.
A Texas state judge tells how spirituality and healing have made drug-court work his mission and passion.

My work with the girls of Bapure

A Peace Corps volunteer on assignment in Togo tells how prayer has helped her to help the girls of one village find new opportunity and self-fulfillment.

Bringing good into view

A young woman travels home to Africa and finds sustainable solutions to Zimbabwe's hunger crisis.


The trip to Porta Farm gave my students a new awareness.

WHY I volunteer

A great reason for giving of oneself: We each have a part to play in seeing what our Creator sees.

Your life—forever vital

There is something you can do when faced with discouraging signs that age is creeping up on you.

Living Church every day

The second in our continuing series on what Church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.
I'm passionate about competitive tennis.

Steps of progress

"I'll see you at lunch time" I whispered in the ear of my four-year-old son.
I was recently taken through an exercise where I had to write down all the labels with which I associate myself: from nationality to religious affiliation; from my roles as son, brother, husband, uncle, friend to my roles as office manager and frequent scribe for this magazine.
Testimony of Healing

It was kind of like peeling off layers of undesirable character traits so that my true spiritual identity could come to light.

Testimony of Healing
I woke up in the middle of one night with a strong burning pain in my stomach.
Testimony of Healing
Two years ago I had proof of how important it is to pray for oneself and for one's family.
FROM THE editors

Since God is everyone's source, and He is illimitable, our possibilities and opportunities are also illimitable.

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