'God will guide us'

CONTROL SEEMS TO BE an issue these days. Whether it's control issues at work—one worker wanting to control another—competition between spouses, or one government wanting to control another, the issue of "Who's in charge" tends to surface and resurface. And feeling out of control—as if someone else is governing your life and actions—can be depressing, even devastating.

Those who seem to be controlled by another, can experience fallout in various ways. Some lose confidence. Some bolster a false bravado in an attempt to draw a line in the sand. Some react violently and fight back openly. And, in the very worst situations, some take action that ends up in loss of life, as when employees who have been discharged return to the workplace to inflict the worst kind of punishment on those they deem responsible for their demise.

Testimony of Healing
From stress to freedom—and health—in a work environment
August 25, 2003

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