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MAYBE IT'S THE MONSOON-LIKE late summer we've been having in the northeastern United States.


Thank you so very much for the "Welcome" by Jewel Simmons titled "A special kind of grace" that opens the July 7 issue.
items of intrest

items of interest

"THE BIBLE DOESN'T ACTUALLY mention if Jesus Christ played any team sports, but Bradenton [,Florida's] Jacob Batey, 6, thinks Jesus would have played soccer.

Let God direct your life

Sometimes life can feel out of control—a marriage falls apart, an illness takes over. But God knows the path for you. Let Him guide you.
When allergies make just going outdoors a struggle to breathe, how does anyone regain their love of nature? This author found her answer by yielding to divine Love's healing power.
No matter how extreme the circumstances—whether you're caught in a deluge of rain on a mountaintop or wearied on a drought-ravaged plain—God will never abandon you.

GOD'S CONTROL of the environment

Author and teacher Rachel Crandell knows firsthand the potential of and ongoing threats to the earth's delicate ecosystem. She talks with the Sentinel about her trust in God's control over all creation.
This author firmly believes that the strongest foundation for changing thought and moving the world peaceful solutions comes from the Bible's First Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

A sure thing

Ever wish you could just toss a coin and win the things your family needs? Ginny Luedeman tried that—and lost. But the experience helped her place her trust in "a sure thing."
SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE our first child was born, I decided to read some magazines with articles by experts on raising children.

A tithe of children

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish children were killed during the Nazi regime in Europe during World War II.

'God will guide us'

CONTROL SEEMS TO BE an issue these days.
Testimony of Healing

I had believed I was running the show and was in charge of the project. At that point, my whole perspective shifted.

Testimony of Healing
I was in the shower one evening and felt a lump on the side of my breast.
If you're seeking healing, public practitioners of Christian Science are ready to assist you.
Over the years, one question has echoed constantly through these pages: What can one person do to make a difference for good in the world?

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